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Hey brides! I know one thing that you LOVE and value as well as one of my favorite things to photograph are those gorgeous bridal detail shots! You’ve spent months planning for your wedding day and have picked out the perfect shoes, jewelry, invitations, etc! I want to share a few tips for getting the […]

I’m a self-proclaimed Dave Ramsey fan.  Have you ever answered the question, “If you could invite five celebrities to a dinner party with you, who would they be?”  Dave Ramsey is one of those people for me.  Along with Elen Degeneres, Phoebe and Chandler from FRIENDS, and Bear Grylls.  Anyways, I digress. I’m very passionate […]

When you first get engaged your mind is full of ideas ideas and to-do’s as you begin the wedding planning process!  Some of the first decisions you’ll need to make are securing a wedding venue, choosing a date, and buying a wedding dress.  However, before making any of those decisions you’ll first need to determine your […]

One thing that makes my job so much easier on a wedding day is when brides have a wedding coordinator!  Since wedding coordinators handle the organizational details of the day, this frees me up to focus primarily on photography, which is what I was hired for!  Having a wedding coordinator allows me to focus on being creative […]

Today I have the honor of introducing Kelly Kershaw, who wrote today’s guest blog post on pursuing joy in marriage.  Kelly is a longtime friend of mine and an incredibly talented writer with a natural gift for inspiring and encouraging others.  Kelly will be launching a brand new blog this summer called, The Joy of Pursuit.  You can find links […]

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