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Thanks for joining me in this PowerSheets blog series!  If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can catch up on those! In this post, I’ll be sharing my 2019 goals and how I’ll be taking action on them! This year I knew I wanted to build on the progress I made in 2018.  […]

Thanks for joining me in Part 2 of my PowerSheets series.  If you missed Part 1, you can read that here. Before I share my 2019 goals with you I wanted to take a look back at 2018. Last year was the most meaningful year yet of using my PowerSheets.  I began last year filled with anxiety […]

Can you think of someone (maybe this is even you) who wakes up in the morning and makes one great decision after the other?!  Maybe this person whips up a healthy smoothie, does a workout, spends time in prayer, journals and completes all this before the workday even begins?! Guys, I am not this person.  Discipline is […]

One of my greatest joys in life is encouraging others to pursue their passions.  We all have those innate giftings, desires, hobbies, and passions that make us unique.  I love talking with people and helping them identify their inner passions and encouraging them in growing and pursuing those passions! Not every passion needs to become […]

As I’m finishing up my fourth full wedding season it’s fun to look back at when this journey started.  If you had told me while I was in college that one day I would be a full time wedding photographer I wouldn’t have believed you!  I had no idea I would find myself starting my own business […]

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