Our Family Vacation to Italy!

There’s so much I could say about our family vacation to Italy- amazing food, incredible sites, wonderful family time, etc. It was an absolutely extraordinary experience I’ll remember forever! I’m excited to share a little behind-the-scenes with lots of pics from our trip!

My brother-in-law, Tyler, also created this awesome go-pro video of our time in Italy! (Make sure to watch in 1080p for best quality)

Here we go!

Our first stop was Rome! We did a day of tours where we visited the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Colosseum. The next day was a free day and we explored all over- the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, different piazzas, etc.

We began our pizza, gelato, and pasta diet in Rome and continued throughout the whole vacation! 😂

I’ll forever cherish this pic of the sibs! Love my family so much!

Thank you to my amazing brother-in-law, Dave, for being so patient and taking such great pics of me and Dustin!

I have to brag on Dustin for these next couple shots! He took these while he went for a morning run around the city!

Next up was Florence! This city is full of art, beautiful architecture, and is also the capital of the Tuscany region. A highlight was climbing the Bell Tower of the Duomo and seeing the whole city! There are so many cool overlooks with the most beautiful views!

Below is the Duomo, which means “House of God” which is located in the heart of the city.

Beautiful mosaic work of a local talented artist!

We climbed on top of a wall to get this view of Tuscany!

The famous Ponte Vecchio Bridge.

We then traveled to Venice and spent a few days exploring the narrow streets and canals. This city is filled with color and the coolest architecture!

The cute hotel rooms in Venice!

And the view from our hotel window! We’d often be hanging out in our room and all of a sudden hear the serenading gondoliers!

Iconic St. Mark’s Square.

It was so fun filling up our water bottles every day at fountains!

We got to visit a glass blowing factory and see an amazing demonstration!

We went out one night to experience the flooding up close! It’s crazy how this city goes so quickly under water!

We flew out of Milan so were able to briefly explore the city for an afternoon!

Until next time, Italy! 😉

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