How I Use My PowerSheets- Part 2

Thanks for joining me in Part 2 of my PowerSheets series.  If you missed Part 1, you can read that here.

Before I share my 2019 goals with you I wanted to take a look back at 2018.

Last year was the most meaningful year yet of using my PowerSheets.  I began last year filled with anxiety and uncertainty about the future.  I remember writing in the prep section of the PowerSheets that I was afraid of all the uncertainty ahead because everything felt so out of control.

In 2018, I knew I needed to create simple goals.  It wasn’t going to be a year of accomplishing monumental goals but rather a year focusing on small, purposeful goals.

Here were my five goals from 2018:


Nourish my spirit through spending time in God’s presence and in the Word.

Pray consistently.

Nourish my body through healthy eating .

Nourish my body through consistent exercise.

Nourish my mind through filling it with good things and avoiding worldly distractions.


If you can’t already tell, my theme of the year was to nourish.  The PowerSheets helps you create a word for the year that symbolizes your big focus for the year.  Because I was feeling so parched emotionally and beaten down with uncertainty, God made it clear my word needed to be nourish.



As I mentioned in my previous post, the magic starts happening in the Tending List.  This is where you’ll break down your goals for the year into tiny action steps.  In the Tending List you create monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

In 2018 I decided to focus heavily on the daily goals because I needed to start creating healthier habits.  It was easier to focus on nourishing with a few daily items that I could check off my list each day.

At times my daily goals were as simple as drinking a full glass of water each morning, going for a walk, and eating a healthy breakfast.  I also created simple monthly goals like reading certain books which would help nourish my mind rather than always grabbing my phone for a quick distraction.

The most meaningful growth came out of a new routine of spending daily time in the Word and in listening prayer.  Growing closer to God through these practices was so life-enriching!

It was evident how God was actively working in my life.  He brought me out of that tough emotional season which felt never-ending.  His work alongside the commitment to working through the Powersheets brought about significant change in my life.

I know the same type of growth can happen in your life in all kinds of ways!  Using the PowerSheets gave me a road map to creating a healthier, more purposeful life.  If you’re ready to get started with the PowerSheets, there are still 6 month undated sets available here!

Next week I’ll be wrapping up this series by sharing my 2019 goals.  I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you’ve ever used PowerSheets or are interested in trying them!  Tell me, what goals/dreams are you hoping to achieve?!  See you next week on the blog!

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