How I Use My PowerSheets- Part 1

Can you think of someone (maybe this is even you) who wakes up in the morning and makes one great decision after the other?!  Maybe this person whips up a healthy smoothie, does a workout, spends time in prayer, journals and completes all this before the workday even begins?!

Guys, I am not this person.  Discipline is a struggle for me.  It is hard for me to live intentionally without a plan.  Can you relate?

Cue the PowerSheets.Let me back up for a second first.  Have you heard of Lara Casey?  If not, your life is about to get happier!  Lara is the founder of Cultivate What Matters, the author of two amazing books, and the creator of the PowerSheets.  She’s my probably biggest online influence and I secretly consider her my own virtual mentor 💛

Now, back to PowerSheets!  The PowerSheets is a workbook designed to help you uncover meaningful goals and create an action plan to make little by little progress on these goals over time.  Phew, that sounds like a mouthful but I’ll break it down for you.

The PowerSheets begins with a whole section devoted to helping you uncover goals that matter.  Do you feel like you have no idea what your goals should be?!  That’s okay!  There are prompts that help you dig deep to reveal what’s most important to you.

Have you ever looked around to see what others were doing in order to help you set your own goals?  Has your process ever looked like this in the past?

      “Oh she’s running a half marathon, I should start training for a race!”

      “She’s trying to read the whole Bible in a year, I should start a Bible reading plan!”

      “She’s exercising 5 days a week, I should get a gym membership!”

While all these ideas are good things, when you create goals based off what others are doing, you’re going to fail.

Yikes, that was a strong statement but it’s true!  Your goals need to be rooted in what matters to you (not someone else!).  You need to have a strong why with each of your goals.  That is what will give you the motivation to actually make progress.  The PowerSheets help to walk you through connecting a strong why with each of your goals.Once your goals are in place, this is when the magic of the tending list comes into play.  The purpose of the tending list is to break down your individual goals into bite size chunks!   Each month, you’ll create monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

Remember back when I told you I wasn’t a naturally disciplined person?  The tending list (aka my roadmap) helps keep me accountable and on track with my goals.  My favorite part of the tending list is the daily goals section.  The daily checklist is the key reason I’ve been able to develop healthy habits (more on that in my next post!).

One thing I love about the PowerSheets is that it’s all about making progress, not about perfection.  At the end of each month there’s a section that asks what areas you’re giving yourself grace rather than guilt.  When little by little progress is the aim, it’s okay when there are missteps and mistakes along the way.  It’s all about continually moving in the right direction toward your goals!

I hope that was a helpful introduction about the PowerSheets!  Part 2 is coming next week.  I’ll be breaking down my actual goals for the year and how the PowerSheets have made a huge impact in my life.

To purchase your own PowerSheets, head on over to the Cultivate What Matters website.  I think they’re currently sold out of the 1 Year Sets but there are still 6 month sets available.

P.S.  In addition to my PowerSheets, I do use a daily planner.  Each day, I transfer the important items I want to accomplish from my PowerSheets to my planner.  I’m currently using this planner because I like the hourly feature on it.  I told you I need accountability! 🤣  See you next week with more on how I use my PowerSheets!

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