Favorite Things Gift Guide!

Whether you’re in search of some last minute gifts for loved ones or you still need ideas for your list, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite items that I constantly use and love!  Everything listed is both fun and practical and will hopefully delight whomever you’re gifting!

  1. Flair Pens

These pens are my absolute favorite!  I love bright pens and these are so fun and last forever!  I’ve owned these pens for the past couple years and use them all the time, and not a single one has run out of ink yet!  Note taking and journaling are now way more fun!

  1. Greeting Cards

I love encouraging friends with hand-written cards.  This collection is my new favorite! They’re joyful, fun, and high quality.  One of my favorite things is the surprise decoration on the inside of the cards.  My friends love receiving them and think they’re super cute.

  1. These Candles

I love supporting small businesses so I was excited when I discovered this candle company at a local Christmas market last year.  It’s a father and son company and my favorite scent so far is Cardamom & Maple.  Dustin doesn’t typically like candles but he really enjoys these!

  1. Journals

I really enjoy journaling whether its prayers, business ideas, or to-do’s.  Journals are such practical gifts and sure to please any friend you’re gifting.  I’m currently using this journal but think this one is super cute too!

  1. Books

If I’m ever short on ideas for my Christmas list, I know I can always add books!  I keep a running “To-Read List” on a note on my phone and just pop a couple books onto my list.  A few books I highly recommend include:

–       Make It Happen

–       Traction

–       Entreleadership

–       The Magnolia Story

–       The Help

  1. Magnolia Journal Subscription

Something I look forward to each season is receiving my Magnolia magazine in the mail!  It’s always packed full of inspiration, recipes, decorating tips, and insightful articles.  If you have a friend who’s a Joanna Gaines fan, this gift will be a hit!

  1. Burt’s Bees

This is a great idea for a stocking stuffer.  Dustin and I both use Burt’s Bees and have multiple chapsticks in our house and cars.  It’s an inexpensive gift that you can’t go wrong with!

  1. Longchamp Purse

This purse is one of my favorite gifts Dustin’s ever given me!  I love it so much and it’s now the only purse I own.  The design is simple, practical, and compliments  any outfit.  I own the black version but all of the other colors are beautiful as well!

  1. Powersheets

If you have any friends who enjoy goal-setting or desire to live an intentional life, this gift will be perfect for them!  I’ve been using Powersheets the past couple years and it’s helped me to uncover meaningful goals and live on purpose.  I’ve been able to adopt helpful new habits thanks to this workbook!

  1. YETI Tumbler

I love all things teal so when I received this as a Christmas present, I immediately fell in love!  I like how large it is because it encourages me to drink a lot of water during the day and it’s perfect for carrying in your car as well.  My favorite color is seafoam but there are tons of cute colors to choose from!


I thought I would add a couple more items that I’m contemplating for my future gift list.  If you have either of these items, please let me know about your experience and if you’d recommend them!

  1. Audible Membership

I love listening to podcasts in the car and at the gym, I think it would be fun to try listening to audio books too!

  1. Apple AirPods

This definitely isn’t a necessity but could be really nice for the gym so you don’t have to deal with the restrictions of the cords.

Hopefully this post helped to spark some ideas for your last-minute shopping!  I hope you’re able to take time to savor this season and focus on what matters most.  Merry Christmas!

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