Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary- Mike & Mollie

We recently did an overnight trip to NYC with our best friends, Mike and Mollie!  We’ve been best friends with these two since college.  I studied abroad with Mike and Mollie in England which is where we met.  I had my eye on Mollie ever since I saw her (I know that sounds creepy!) but I just knew I wanted to be friends with this girl.  Well, that mission was accomplished and we’ve been best friends ever since.

Fun fact about us- Dustin and I did weekly dinners with Mike and Mollie for four years in a row and bi-weekly dinners the past three years.  Mike and Mollie have the two cutest kiddos- Sophie and Leo and we love every moment we spend with their family.

Their friendship is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been blessed with and we can’t wait to keep creating memories with them for the rest of our lives!

Since we all love the city, we planned a trip over Memorial Weekend and spent time sight seeing, eating too many bagels, creating our own frisbee golf course in Central Park, and taking pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge!  It was such a joy to capture some photos of my favorite people in one of my favorite cities!

P.S. If you ever want your photos taken in NYC, I’d be up for that in a heartbeat! 😉


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